Shantel Haines

Shantel Haines


Shantel is Managing Director of Clarity Financial Solutions and is passionate about helping each client turn their goals into a reality. Shantel services Clarity Financial Solutions clients in Winder, GA as well as in the Greenville, SC office.

She serves as their support throughout their entire retirement journey. Her goal is to help ensure each person has the information and resources they need, so they can live fully and retire their way.

 The financial industry can be cumbersome, so Shantel leads with empathy and clarity to help simplify the experience. Her understanding of this complexity came early in life when her husband was injured during his deployment in Iraq. Earning a purple heart in his early 20s, Shantel was forced to navigate the VA (Veterans Affairs), Social Security disability, and Medicare, often ending with confusion and frustration. While she found her family’s way forward, she believes that no one should have to go through the difficult experiences as she did. This keen awareness has led to her becoming passionate about educating clients to understand their rights and options.

She appreciates serving as their advocate and helping to ensure they receive everything they are entitled to during what can often be a confusing process. Further, with a business mindset, she understands the importance of coordinating all financial pieces into a unified strategy. To this end, she dedicates herself as an ally helping each person and family find their path forward.

Through this journey, she enjoys supporting everyone from those planning their retirement to those currently retired. As she develops deep relationships with clients, Shantel meets each person where they are in their financial life, so they can identify strategy gaps and open opportunities. She believes in empowering people and follow-through, and works proactively to help ensure timely support across our relationships. She enjoys serving as a trusted resource for families as they chart their financial futures. 

 Shantel is married to Zach, a veteran, musician, and a singer/songwriter. Together, they have a teenage son, Dominic, who is a wrestler. Her free time involves family time spent at her husband’s gigs and being heavily involved in her son’s high school wrestling program.

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