Anyone can become the victim of a financial bully, regardless of gender, level of education, or financial standing.

Signs You May Be the Victim of a Financial Bully (And What to Do Next)


This article covers the sensitive topic of financial bullying and financial abuse. Though it can be difficult to talk about, especially if you are in the midst of it, we believe it’s important to shed greater light on the issue and provide guidance for anyone working to escape a financial bully in their own lives. Learning what a financial bully is and recognizing the signs is crucial in taking steps to protect yourself and regain financial independence. Though every situation is unique, in this article, we will explore common signs that you may be the victim of a financial bully and provide guidance on what to do if you suspect you are a victim.

Identifying Signs of Financial Bullying

First, let’s begin with a definition. Financial bullying is an unfortunate reality that can happen to anyone, often occurring within personal relationships or even in professional settings. It involves a financial bully exerting control or manipulation over another person’s financial resources, decisions, or assets. Let’s dig a little more deeply into what this might look like:

Control Over Finances

A financial bully will often demand control over your financial accounts, assets, or income. They may restrict your access to funds, monitor your spending, or take charge of managing joint finances without your input.

Isolation from Financial Decisions

If you are constantly left out of financial discussions, decisions, or planning, it could be a subtle sign of financial bullying. The bully may make significant financial choices without consulting you or considering your needs.

Forced Debt or Financial Commitments

A financial bully may coerce you into taking on debt, loans, or financial obligations against your will. They might pressure you to co-sign loans or engage in financial activities that are against your better judgment.

Financial Threats and Intimidation

Threatening to leave, cut off financial support, or take legal action to control your financial decisions is a common tactic used by financial bullies. Such intimidation is a red flag that you should take very seriously.

Sabotaging Employment or Income

A financial bully may try to undermine your job or business, affecting your ability to earn income. This could be done through manipulation, discouragement, or intentionally creating barriers to your financial success.

Stealing or Misusing Funds

If you notice unexplained withdrawals, unauthorized transactions, or missing money from your accounts, it’s a serious indication of financial bullying. The bully might be diverting funds for personal use.

What to Do If You Suspect You Are the Victim of a Financial Bully

Financial bullying situations may be complex on many levels, and it can feel very challenging to extricate yourself. However, you may find helpful resources and support through the Allstate Foundations Purple Purse Program.

Here are a few other things you can do:

Educate Yourself

Understand your rights, financial options, and legal protections. Knowledge is empowering and can help you make informed decisions about your finances. These resources from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau may prove useful as you build stronger financial literacy and confidence to remove yourself from an unhealthy situation.

Seek Professional Advice

Consult a financial advisor, counselor, or therapist to discuss your situation. They can provide guidance, support, and resources to help you navigate the situation effectively.

Communicate and Set Boundaries

Have an open and honest conversation with the financial bully, clearly expressing your financial boundaries and expectations. Establish what is acceptable and what is not in your financial relationship.

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Secure Your Finances

Safeguard your financial accounts, passwords, and important documents. Change passwords if needed and monitor your accounts regularly for any unusual activity.

Consider Legal Assistance

If the situation persists or escalates, consult an attorney specializing in family or financial law to explore legal actions and protective measures available to you.

Reach Out for Support

Share your experience with trusted friends, family members, or support groups. Emotional support is vital in navigating the challenges and stress associated with dealing with a financial bully.

Final Thoughts on Dealing with a Financial Bully – And Regaining Control

Recognizing the signs of financial bullying is the first step in regaining control of your finances and securing your future. Don’t hesitate to seek help and support to break free from the grasp of financial bullying. Remember, your financial well-being and independence are worth protecting, and there are resources and professionals available to assist you in this journey towards financial empowerment.

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