“Financial Trendsetters” Hits #1 in Financial Services and Women & Business Categories on Amazon

"Financial Trendsetters" Hits #1 in Financial Services and Women & Business Categories on Amazon

March 1, 2024 Greenville, SC – Clarity Financial Solutions proudly announces the remarkable success of the book “Financial Trendsetters,” authored by Jessica Weaver with contributions from a distinguished group of writers including our own Amanda Stilwell, Leslie Lipscomb, Nora Gillis, Siedah Garrett, Camille Ledda, Caroline Tanis, Holleigh Urbanik, Donna S. Cates, Veronica Rodgers, Jaime Cowper, […]

Preparing for Retirement: Cultivating the Right Mindset for a Smooth Transition

Having the right retirement mindset means you are better able to navigate the transition to this new phase of life.

Many retirees go into retirement with financial security and a desire to leave the workforce, and yet they find themselves struggling with this new phase of life from a mental or emotional perspective. This happens because retirement marks a significant life transition—one that, with careful planning and the right retirement mindset, can be a fulfilling […]

Supercharge Your Retirement Plan: How to Optimize the Power of Your Health Savings Account

Your health savings account has advantages in the present, but did you know it can support your future, too?

A Health Savings Account (HSA) is a powerful financial tool that not only helps you manage current healthcare expenses but also offers an excellent opportunity to enhance your retirement savings. When used strategically, an HSA can provide tax advantages, a potential for growth, and a way to cover healthcare costs during retirement. Let’s delve into […]

Financial Harmony 2.0: Strategies for Success in Your Second Marriage

These second marriage financial tips will help you and your new spouse merge your financial assets and goals for the future.

Embarking on a second marriage is a beautiful journey that often brings a fresh perspective, renewed hope, and the promise of shared happiness. However, with a second marriage comes a set of unique financial considerations that, when addressed proactively and openly, can lead to a harmonious and financially stable union. Let’s explore second marriage financial […]

Balancing the Books of Love: Overcoming Financial Incompatibility in Marriage

Facing financial incompatibility in your marriage is a challenge, but these tips can help you overcome it.

Marriage can be a beautiful union of hearts and lives, but it also involves the merging of financial worlds. For some couples, this comes easy. However, financial compatibility isn’t always guaranteed, and differences in financial habits, priorities, and attitudes can arise. Overcoming these differences is crucial for a harmonious and successful marriage, especially because money […]

Smart Tax Moves for Legacy Building: Securing Generational Wealth and Assets

Securing generational wealth is imperative for your family’s future, so learn more about tax planning moves now.

Building a lasting legacy for your family involves more than just accumulating wealth; it requires careful consideration of tax strategies to preserve and pass on assets efficiently to future generations, too. Smart tax planning can accomplish many things related to securing generational wealth. It can minimize tax burdens, maximize the inheritance for your heirs, and […]

Passing on Your Prosperity: Key Strategies for Thoughtful Estate Planning

Use thoughtful estate planning strategies to pass on your assets and ensure your loved ones are taken care of.

It can be difficult to consider the end of your life, but it’s essential to have a plan in place for taking care of your family and for distributing your assets when you’re gone. Estate planning helps you to leave a legacy and provide for your loved ones, and there are many estate planning strategies […]

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'Financial Trendsetters,' a must-read book for Financial Services and Women & Business Insights

‘Financial Trendsetters’ features contributions from Clarity Financial Solutions’ own Amanda Stilwell. Explore essential insights and strategies for financial empowerment in the top-ranked book. Available on Amazon!


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