Interview financial advisors to find the best fit for your needs before trusting someone with your hard-earned money.

When Your DIY Plan Isn’t Enough: How to Interview Potential Financial Advisors


Managing finances can be complex, and while do-it-yourself financial planning can work for some, there often comes a time when seeking professional guidance is essential for achieving your financial goals efficiently and effectively. When you reach this point, don’t simply select the first advisor you come across. No two financial advisors are exactly alike, and you’ll want to give due diligence to selecting the right professional for you. It’s essential to interview financial advisors – we recommend at least three – to find the best match for your financial aspirations and needs. Continue reading for tips on how to conduct these interviews.

Recognizing the Need for Professional Guidance

If you’re a self-starting, do-it-yourself type, you may have reservations about working with a professional on your financial plans. However, this is often the best way to optimize your financial resources, grow your assets, and gain peace of mind. Here are just a few reasons why a DIY financial plan may not be sufficient:

Complex Financial Situations:

As financial circumstances become more intricate—be it planning for retirement, managing investments, or navigating tax implications for a small business—professional guidance can provide valuable insights and strategies.

Time and Expertise Constraints:

DIY financial planning can be time-consuming and may require a level of expertise that you might not possess. A financial advisor can help optimize your financial decisions, saving you time and effort.

Access to Diverse Expertise:

Financial advisors bring a range of knowledge and experience across different financial areas. They can provide holistic advice that aligns with your unique financial goals.

Tips to Interview Financial Advisors

Once you’ve decided to take the step of working with a financial professional, it’s time to interview financial advisors. It’s important to know that there are different types, multiple areas of expertise, varied fee structures, and personal style differences. Here’s how to start your process:

1. Clarify Your Financial Goals:

Before interviewing potential advisors, clearly define your financial objectives, risk tolerance, investment preferences, and expectations. This will help you find an advisor whose expertise aligns with your needs.

2. Research Potential Advisors:

Conduct thorough research on potential advisors’ credentials, qualifications, certifications, and any disciplinary history. Verify their licensing and affiliations to reputable industry organizations. FINRA and the SEC both offer useful tools for these purposes.

3. Ask About Services Offered:

As you begin to interview financial advisors, inquire about the range of services the advisor provides, including financial planning, investment management, retirement planning, estate planning, tax strategies, and any other services you require. Ensure their service offerings match your requirements so that you can truly tackle the objectives you’ve set.

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4. Understand Fee Structure:

As mentioned previously, there are various fee structures that financial advisors use. As you interview financial advisors, discuss the fee structure each uses and be sure you understand whether it’s fee-only, fee-based, or commission-based. One of the most important aspects of the process when you interview financial advisors is to determine how much the advisor will be compensated for their services.

5. Inquire About Investment Approach:

You’ll also want to interview financial advisors to understand their investment philosophy, risk tolerance, and strategies for managing investments. Discuss how they tailor their approach to suit your unique financial situation and make sure you feel confident that they aren’t going to offer you a one-size-fits-all-approach.

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6. Ask About Client Communication:

Clarify how often the advisor will provide updates, reports, or reviews of your financial situation. Understand their preferred modes of communication and how accessible they are to address your concerns.

7. Discuss Client References:

You might interview financial advisors that your friends or family members have recommended to you. However, if you don’t know any of the advisor’s existing clients, you can request references from current or previous clients to gain insights into the advisor’s performance, reliability, and satisfaction of their clients.

8. Evaluate Trust and Rapport:

As you interview financial advisors, assess your comfort and level of trust with each one. Effective communication, transparency, and a sense of rapport are vital for a successful advisory relationship, so this is a good time to trust your gut.

Interview Financial Advisors to Find a Professional You Like and Trust

Making the decision to seek professional financial advice is a significant step towards achieving your financial goals. When you take the time to interview financial advisors, you ensure that your advisor not only possesses the necessary qualifications but is also the right fit for your unique financial circumstances. Take the time to research, ask relevant questions, and assess the advisor’s alignment with your financial objectives. Remember, your financial advisor is a partner in your financial journey, so make sure it’s a partnership built on trust, expertise, and shared goals.

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